Mario: An Ondoy Sequel

A flashback to September 2009, Typhoon Ondoy made contact with the Philippines and was considered to be the most devastating typhoon to have hit the country.

Internationally called “Ketsana”, Ondoy is recorded to have been the cause of the worst case of flooding in the Philippines, bringing at least 106 people to the list of dead and missing.

Today, again on September, felt like a sequel to the tragedy of Ondoy as Manila is greeted by what seems to be the strongest typhoon of the year 2014, Typhoon Mario.



Unemployment due to minimum wage

By: Jessamine Elise Sagcal


A study, entitled “the effects of minimum wage on the Philippine economy,” was recently published by a PIDS (Philippine institute of development studies) researcher on the PIDS website. The study gives reason to the country’s economic state and minimum wage’s effect on the employees.

Leonardo A Lanzona Jr., the researcher of the study and Atenean professor, took account the Philippine Labor Code with regards to minimum wage or the Wage Rationalization Act (Republic Act 6727) formed during the Marcos era. According to him, the code showed bias and was in favor of labor and against management which became the reason for numerous effects, such as the increase in unemployment.


Filipinos call for another march

By: Cristine Parungao

Features Photo: Million People March 2013 by ABS-CBN News

 Once again, the Filipino citizens convene for the second time to abolish the Priority Development Assistance Fund or the Pork Barrel this Monday, Aug. 25, 2014 at Luneta Park. This will mark the 1st anniversary of the movement, ‘Million People March’ last Aug. 26, 2013.